Saturday, February 21, 2009

Resources from the workshop "Journey to the Center of the Blogosphere"

In our Annual General Meeting workshop today, Kari (of Chalice Spark) and I offered the following resources to our attendees and agreed to post them on each blog for folks to use. We started a new blog, entitled "Journey to the Center of the Blogosphere" during the workshop and hope that many of those who attended the workshop will contribute to that blog over the coming days and weeks.

Philocrites: Guide to UU Blogs

UUpdates: Blog aggregator

Discover UU: Blog aggregator

Interdependent Web: UU World web round up

Blogger: blog hosting

World Press: blog hosting

Live Journal: blog hosting

UUA Resource: Setting up a blog

UUA Resource: Best Practices for Blogging

We had a great group of interested folks---about 30!---who were full of questions and enthusiasm. Thanks to all of you who came to hear us blather on about how much fun blogging is and how important it has become in our lives! I hope you all have as much pleasure blogging as we are having.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a copy of the presentation that you could share on Slideshare? I would love to see it.

ms. kitty said...

Hi, Jacqueline, I think we could do that. Kari has it on her laptop and might be able to post it on her blog Chalice Spark. She's at the link I posted on my post. See what she thinks.

JudyZ said...

Thanks for an amazing workshop! I'm looking forward to adding to the blog we created.

- Judy

Kari said...

Here's the link on Slideshare....but the power point was not the fun part, you had to be there for the goofy presenters and the lovely people who laughed with us when we answered a question with "ummmmm, I have no idea".

ms. kitty said...

Kari, thanks for doing this. I don't know from Slideshare and this is wonderful!

Judy Z, it was fun getting to know you!