Friday, February 13, 2009

Higher than a Kite!

I'm just home from the Hearts and Hammers fundraiser dinner. This is a yearly event, always happening around Valentine's Day, when for $5 you can get a great spaghetti dinner, see all your friends from up and down the island, and support the cause of home repairs for needy folks on the island.

This year our Pete Seeger group was invited to sing for the edification of the diners, as a preview for our upcoming Pete Seeger 90th Birthday Bash on May 1. There were about eight of us with guitars, a mandolin, harmonica, piano, dobro, and accordion. We sang the Hammer Song, Where Have all the Flowers Gone, Union Maid, Sloop John B, We Shall Overcome, and This Land is Your Land.

Because the diners are coming and going all evening, we sang all of our songs several times, moving to various parts of the hall so that everyone could participate.

It was just great! If I can get ahold of some pictures, I'll post them. I am tired and yet wound up with adrenalin. People sang along with us, a couple of women got up and danced, everyone seemed to love it. So I'm hoping we'll have a wonderful turnout for our concert.

Tomorrow is a busy day, with a wedding at 11 a.m., a koffee klatch in Coupeville from 1-3, a wedding consult in Coupeville at 3, and then home to put my feet up and recover. Sunday is a Woodinville day, but that's easy, even with all the shopping I usually try to do on my way home.

Today has been a good day.


LinguistFriend said...

My goodness, that all sounds like fun, especially the music, most of which I heard Seeger sing in the same sort of proximity at my high school in the mid '50s. You sound like a real minister, of sorts. Perhaps the populists are due for a resurgence, athough that will be possible only with the assistance of the more analytical Obama-types. Now I must go back to grading tests and reading grad school applications, no way to start an early Saturday morning.

ms. kitty said...

Oh, it was fun, especially for an "exuberant" like me. Our more introverted musicians looked a bit stricken by the noise and confusion, but they managed, though I expect they went home and had a stiff drink afterwards!

Mile High Pixie said...

Wow! I didn't realize that Pete Seeger wrote or performed all those songs! I learn something every time I read your blog, Rev. Kit.

And my verification word is "actin"--maybe you'll add more kinds of performance to your repertoire, along with ministry and singing?