Monday, October 20, 2008

Yikes! This day started out badly!

I went to bed last night really pooped out after a great weekend of rehearsing, performing, and preaching. Our Rockhopper's concert went extremely well on Saturday night. None of the audience left early (we only had 16 people there but that's about typical for a RH gig), all of them sang along and many told us it was great. And we didn't make any major bobbles, at least nothing anybody but us would notice.

Sunday morning was our "grand opening" service, meaning that we had our new chalice, our piano-on-loan, our new altar table, and a few other fixings. We had over 100 people there, including the kids. Somebody counted 120 people total, which is a record for us. We had to put out extra chairs. The choir sang, we all processed into the sanctuary following the bearers of the new chalice and our banner, and the service went beautifully.

That afternoon, I participated in the annual Vigil for Peace and Justice sponsored by the Peace Council of the nearby Episcopal church---two hours of meaningful words and song.

So it was about 6 p.m. when I got home, absolutely tuckered. I went to bed at 9 and slept pretty well till about 5:15 when I got up, realized the house was colder than usual, and tried to crank up the furnace to take the chill off. No go. I had replaced the batteries in the thermostat the evening before and somehow had jimmied up the settings; the furnace was dead and I didn't understand why.

Went down to put a letter in the mailbox and pick up the newspapers, but the paper wasn't there, which is a switch because it's usually there really early. So I trudged back up to the house, went to fire up the computer and read my email, only to find that Comcast had shifted to its new format and I had to spend an hour just figuring out how to use everything. I even contacted the live chat feature to figure one thing out and the techie couldn't even help me. Finally a real person on the phone helped me decipher the solution and I've now figured out how to use it.

What else can I whine about? The furnace guy finally came and got me warmed back up. That was good. The furnace needs a maintenance going-over, though, and I'll schedule that for later this week.

Campaign ads are absolutely repulsive right now. I can't stand the ones where the pictures of the opponent look like something out of a horror movie and the candidate him/herself looks like something out of a fashion mag. I did have to hand it to Sarah Palin for her demeanor on SNL, though. Despite the ridiculous rap song going on behind her, she was composed and smiling. Good for you, Sarah. But it's the only reasonable thing I've seen you do.


laura said...

Oh honey! What a HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE NO GOOD AWFUL DAY! I am so glad you were able to salvage some of it.


ms. kitty said...

Thanks for your sympathy, Laura! I needed it!

Joel said...

I can't stand the ones where the pictures of the opponent look like something out of a horror movie and the candidate him/herself looks like something out of a fashion mag.

You may not have noticed, but that's common practice in news photos as well. People whom the reader is expected to like are shown looking thoughtful or friendly; those we're supposed to dislike are shown looking either angry or stupid.

A few years ago, I noticed something familiar about the AP's stock mug shot of President Bush. It had him standing at a podium, speaking intensely, with one hand raised. Sure enough, I pulled up a well-known picture of a ranting Hitler and laid them side by side. They matched almost exactly.

Look through any major metropolitan newspaper, and you'll see that the pattern holds. I'm not even talking about something as obvious as Obama's halo or Bush's chimp face. Reuters even managed to find an unattractive picture of Sarah Palin, which took some doing. (Of course, with the stuff about the party spending a lot of money on her looks, watch for the pictures to start showing her looking glamorously expensive.) It's subtle, but it's effective.

Mile High Pixie said...

Lawd, I feel your pain, Rev. Kit! We had our first real cold snap this week, and it's been in the low 30s at night. My hubby and I are waking up to find both cats on the bed in search of heat. The heat is on in our building, but it hasn't been on long, so it's not nice and insulated yet. Glad your heat's back on again!