Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A couple of ideas:

How about let's have the presidential spouses debate: Michelle Obama debating Cindy McCain on the theme of women's rights?

How about let's have the vice presidential spouses debate: Todd Palin debating Jill Jacobs on the role of the vice president?

And do you think it's possible that Sarah Palin said yes to John McCain because she figured he probably wasn't going to win anyhow?


Chalicechick said...

1. No. Because I like candidates with cool wives, but America doesn't. Even if Michelle beat Cindy as a technical matter, the Obama campaign would lose in the "appealing to America" contest.

And Laura Bush would have CREAMED Theresa Heinz Kerry in the "appealing to America" part.

2. No, for the same reasons.

3. I don't think McCain's loss is assured now, and I certainly didn't think so when the choice was made.


Joel said...

And Laura Bush would have CREAMED Theresa Heinz Kerry in the "appealing to America" part.

She certainly would have. Mrs. Kerry was much more a liability than an asset to her husband in the election.

And I agree also that McCain wasn't a dead duck at the outset. But Sarah Palin has given the ticket some serious oomph that is going to make Obama have to campaign a lot harder.

Part of it is that Obama is still trying to run a pre-Internet campaign, when mass communication was the sole province of the left. (I'm not a conspiracy nut; it's simply a fact that most journalists tend to be liberal.) If there were no Internet, Obama would mop the floor with McCain. But conservatives are now able to communicate as well, which is why the last couple of elections have been close.