Thursday, May 01, 2008

Little Warrior news

Little Warrior is in the thick of it these days. Yes, it was recurrent Wilms' tumor. Yes, she has had more surgery. She's in surgery today. Her mom, Lizard Eater, is blogging about it as often as she can. Read her thoughts at The Journey and please keep praying. Whatever you may believe about prayer, believe that it helps. It may bring about healing rather than a cure, but that too is an answer, and a good one. Of course, we hope for sudden miraculous cures, but the healing that comes from learning to live with a terrible, grievous situation is also priceless.

UPDATE: Little Warrior is out of surgery and home with her family tonight. Her surgery was to place a port so that chemo can be administered. Everybody's worn out, but they are home. Hallelujah!

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