Monday, May 26, 2008

It's that time of year...

and I'm tired. You would think that a 1/3 time preacher who is only in the pulpit officially twice a month would have lots of steam left, but you'd be wrong. I am tired.

I noticed it this morning. Because the gym is closed for Memorial Day, my normal routine was changed. I made a breakfast of scrambled eggs with mushrooms and peppers, plus a small piece of coffee cake which I'd gotten at the farmers' market, and a little OJ, instead of the normal cereal or toast breakfast I usually have on a weekday before heading over to the gym.

Sitting at the computer a bit later, I felt so sleepy that I decided to go take a nap. It was 8:30 a.m.! And I fell asleep with cats snuggled up. After lunch, I took another nap. And I have hardly felt like doing a blessed thing all day.

D, the rocket scientist who is my collaborator in this Sunday's sermon, needed some ideas for the newspaper blurb which always goes in Saturday's South Whidbey Record, but my brain wasn't working so hot. He was charitable about my efforts, but it was a challenge to think about Science and UUism this morning!

Now I've livened up a bit---two naps will help! But I'm still basically tired. Despite how well things have gone all year, with the building's progress, our growing membership, and a sense of heightened energy in the congregation, when it gets to be late May, I'm tired, no matter what good things have been happening!

Dan, over at Yet Another UU, mentioned it on his blog earlier this month and I was too tired even then to muster a comment of agreement.

I have two more sermons to write and preach, a congregational meeting with recognitions for incoming and outgoing board members and administrators, a joint board meeting, a newsletter deadline, a few social activites, and then it will be June 30 and I'm on break for awhile.

Yesterday, as we set up for the church service in our rented space, I mused that we may have only five more services in this rented space! We won't meet in July this year, though we probably will next year, but in August we always meet outdoors on our building site. I figure that, if necessary, we can continue to meet outdoors on the site up until the rains come in late October. The building committee is hoping that we'll be able to occupy the building in early fall, maybe by Ingathering time, and I'm hoping they're right.

But I want so badly to be out of this rented space! I'm tired of setting it up every Sunday, taking down the Lutheran stuff and putting up the UU stuff, setting out the hymnals, putting up the banners, moving the chairs around, re-configuring the RE space. It's really old, by now.

Summer will rejuvenate me and the excitement of being in our new building will carry me through another church year with a lot of energy. May it be so!


The Eclectic Cleric said...

I too am confident that you will be meeting for worship in the new building come September, and busting out the doors by Christmas. Can't begin to tell you how pleased and proud I am of this huge step forward for the good folk on Whidbey! And again, my fond and warmest greetings to you and all my friends on the island. I know a lot of preachers are tired this time of year, but given my imposed absence from the pulpit since Easter, I can hardly wait to be "back in the harness" again after Labor Day.


ms. kitty said...

Thanks, Tim. I'll bet you are champing at the bit to get back in the pulpit. It must be frustrating to be in your position. But knowing you, I suspect you'll be dealing with it with optimism and strength.

I will pass along your good wishes and I do hope that if you're visiting out here you'll come and see us.

Miss Kitty said...

Hang in there and rest, Ms. K. That's the best cure for the "can't-help-its," as my Dad used to call them.