Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Bookin' It, John-o

Is that a dated expression or what? John over at A Pageless Book has tagged me with a meme. I'm thinking I've done this one before but as I read through the categories, I had some different answers and I think I'll do it again.

A book that changed my life:
"Heavenly Discourse" by Charles Erskine Scott Wood. I discovered it the summer after I graduated from college. I was a staffer at the American Baptist Assembly grounds in Green Lake, Wisconsin, and I think one of our speakers that summer recommended it. The concept is of God talking with people who are in heaven: Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, Billy Sunday, Carry Nation, Voltaire, Rabelais. What a Universalist motif! They are discoursing about the state of affairs on earth, particularly Christianity's mistakes.

A book I read more than once:

"The Source" by James Michener. I must have read this one five times as a young adult. Also the Tolkien trilogy.

A book I'd want to have on a desert island:
"How to Survive in the Woods" by Bradford Angier. I went through a phase in my early married life (with a man who thrived on this kind of thing post-Outward Bound) when I was fascinated by the ingenuity with which one could live well in the woods. I particularly remember the part about how the stomach of a deer which had been feasting on leaves could produce an already-dressed salad for a hungry human.

A book that made me laugh:
Any of the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich. I wait with great anticipation for each new book. Anyone who has read this series knows exactly what I'm talking about.

A book that made me cry:
Books don't usually make me cry with sorrow but rather with tenderness. I teared up a lot over Kate Braestrup's "Here If You Need Me". Did you notice it's been on the best seller list? What great PR for UUism!

A book I wish I'd written:
"Bridging the gap between conservative and liberal religious folk". I guess I'd rather build the bridge than write about it. It seems to me that we have some common causes to support; I wish we could find them instead of criticizing each other's approach to the ones we disagree on.

A book I wish had never been written:

There aren't any. I think every book has contributed something, if only to start a backlash against what it says.

A book I'm currently reading:
"Pillars in the Earth" by Ken Follett. I read it first a long time ago and thought about reading the sequel to it, but I didn't remember enough of PITE to feel ready to take on the project, so I'm rereading it. I'm about half through with it and getting a little tired of this darned cathedral and Prior Philip's tribulations. (Heresy!)

A book I've been meaning to read:

Al Gore's "The Assault on Reason". It's been sitting on my night stand for months. I got it cheap at Costco and it just sits there. It's mostly that I can hardly bring myself to read serious non-fiction any more. Diatribe doesn't move me like story moves me.

So there you go, John, I've booked it, as you asked. I'm not going to tag anyone else. Whoever wants to can pick it up.


Mile High Pixie said...

oooh! I might have to pick this one up--a meme on books is a good thing!

Jan said...

I keep hearing about Stephanie Plum books, but I don't know anything about them!

Carver John said...

I love hearing about what someone else is reading, especially someone as interesting and thoughtful as Ms. Kitty. I recently picked up Pillars of Faith again but stopped after about 100 pages. I couldn't see spending all that time on one book. I could build a cathedral quicker. My favorite rereads are the stories of Damon Runyon and the Rumpole stories and novels from John Mortimer. It's always like talking to an old friend when I pick them up.

ms. kitty said...

I do too, CJ. Thanks, all, for your comments. Jan, you're gonna get hooked if you start on Stephanie!

Earthbound Spirit said...

I love Stephanie Plum! Actually - I like Stephanie, I love Grandma Mazur & Lula (and Ranger - but don't tell my spouse...). Braestrup didn't make me cry - but she did make me think that chaplain ministry is a viable option. Good books!