Friday, November 02, 2007

Update on Maxwelton

During the three days I was on retreat earlier in the week, I asked friends to take Maxie in, since I wasn't sure how Loosy and Lily would treat him if they were alone in the house with him, with "room service" only every twenty-four hours. I'm sure the two of them were relieved to have a reprieve from this manicky little guy and the friends were charmed. They barely let me take him back home on Wednesday.

When I returned, cat cage in hand, I could almost see the girls' eyes rolling in mock consternation, but since then they have seemed to consider Maxie their number one show. You've seen cats watching birds intently; well, this is the latest manifestation of their attitude----crouched and watching. No hissing (well, hardly), no batting at him, a little discreet chasing----Maxie is in the process of winning the girls over.

I took him to the vet yesterday for his kitten exam and he was diagnosed only with the normal fleas, earmites, and probable worms, for which cures were applied and he seems mostly flea-free now, though an occasional tiny corpse can be combed from his otherwise impeccable white and orange fur.

He has begun to be quite friendly and cuddly, now that he's not afraid of the big cats any more. He realizes that he's the master of the house----we all seem to sit and stare when he's in the room. Today I lay down with my book after lunch and all three cats joined me on the bed, lying within a few inches of each other. I'm confident I'll have a photo to share of catly togetherness soon.

Watched Sense and Sensibility tonight to get an Alan Rickman fix. Emma Thompson and Kate Winslett were quite charming as well. The whole Jane Austen thing is something I've never particularly gotten, but I do like this movie. And my little heart goes pitter-pat over Alan Rickman, even as Snape. The dark, brooding, oddly ethical hero----my kinda guy! I also watched "Snow Cake" recently. A good movie too. Sigourney Weaver was quite remarkable.

Enough for tonight.


Mile High Pixie said...

Catly togetherness! eee! What a great phrase! As I type this, my 12.5-lb Maddy is in my lap, nibbling my wrist as if she knows I'm typing about her. Good to know that your new kitten has turned every day into Max-O-Rama viewing in HD! If everyone had a couple of cats, there'd be no need for TV.

Earthbound Spirit said...

Glad to hear the felines are figuring out a way to live together! But - this is too funny - I was on the couch with popcorn, also watching Sense & Sensibility last night. What are the odds?

ms. kitty said...

It's very exciting around here with Maxie and the Girls. He excels in flying about the house, bouncing off the furniture, attacking the various toys around the room, and scaring himself in reflecting surfaces. It's a hoot! Thanks for your comments.

RandomRanter said...

For the Alan Rickman-ness, "Truly, Madly, Deeply" is excellent.