Sunday, August 13, 2006

Question Box Sunday Redux

It was a beautiful Sunday morning in the woods and 35 or so of the faithful gathered in the clearing where the UUs of Whidbey are getting ready to build their own home. Somehow the orders of service didn't arrive with the appointed carrier, so we had to wing it on the songs, which are normally printed out in the O/S so we don't have to bring the hymnals out.
As mentioned in a previous post, today was to be "Question Box Sunday" and folks were to come prepared to write out a question for me to answer. I had received a few questions in advance, but the rest were contributed by attendees this morning.

It was a good selection:
* How can we look at all the terrible things going on in the world and not get depressed because we feel helpless to change them?
* How can we forgive and forget?
* What is small group ministry and can we have it here?
* Why do we call ourselves a congregation and not a church?
* What happens when I die? I can't imagine that it just ends because everything else recycles into some other life form.
* Is there a God?
* Do I have to believe in God?
* How can UU's help to bring peace to the world?
* Are there any circumstances where the end justifies the means?
* What can help us to clearly hear the voice of conscience?
* I think we UUs have a hard time speaking truth to power, which often leads to no action or a consensus that pleases no one. Can we change or is this the best we can do?

Wow! I managed to deal with numbers 1-7. The others will have to wait till I can deal with them in a sermon. I did enjoy turning the tables and, after answering the question, I asked the folks assembled to weigh in with their own thoughts.

It was a good morning! I felt coherent and they seemed to consider me credible. In fact, they want to do it again someday,and I will definitely do so.

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