Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Holter thoughts

I understand the reason why I'm wearing this Holter monitor and I will be glad I did, so that I can have a better picture of my heart's health, but it has been quite bothersome because of the restrictions of wearing it for 48 hours---no baths or showers, no electric heating devices nearby, and the clumsy leads and reading device attached to my chest.

I will be very glad to take it off this afternoon and return it for a readout, but until then, I am shackled to it and limited in my actions.

I have developed muscle spasms for the first time in months, probably largely because of the tension and stress around this monitoring session.  The spasms have been bad enough that I've used the heated gel pack and athletic belt all day yesterday and again this morning, after waking up about 2:30 with pain that I couldn't use a heating pad on.  I got up about 3 and heated up the gel pack after feeding Loosy, but couldn't really sleep.

So I've been up since then, using the gel pack, and finally digging out a ThermaCare wrap to use for the dentist appointment at 8.  I feel so disheveled and scuzzy after no bathing or showering for two days that I am thinking I'll call in sick to Science Exchange and let Meg and Sue handle the whole thing. 

At least at the end of it, I'll have a better picture of what my heart is up to, if it's scar tissue causing the irregularities and palpitations (which are not frequent or bothersome, in my experience) and that the slow heart rate is not something to be concerned about at this point.

It's annoying to wear the Holter, but this afternoon I can take it off, shower, and return the device.  I have tried to follow the instructions carefully, but it may be that the gel pack was even disruptive.  I hope not.  I could not have survived without it!

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