Thursday, July 12, 2012

Creating a framework....

for this new life was a worry for me initially, particularly before I had gotten the feel of what days would be like as a dog and horse wrangler.  I didn't know how tricky it would be to work with the horses; I didn't know if the dogs would mind me; I didn't know if I would be lonely or bored or so eager to get summer behind me that I could think of nothing else.

Slowly the days have evolved and it's a little like being on swing shift:  lots to do early in the day (feeding dogs, moving horses---none of which takes much time), then time to putz around with household stuff (laundry, washing the dogs' rugs and blankets, shopping), a run into town to read the paper (yes, I succumbed) and pick up the mail.  Lunch, a nap, more walks with the dogs (I've been getting five or six daily), and late afternoon the responsibility picks up again (feed dogs, move and feed horses).  Evenings are mine, but it's the end of a day and everybody's tired, so I tend to hang around the house with the dogs and we're all abed by 9ish.

So a framework has been established, a framework which shapes the day and gives me edges to be observed so that the responsibilities are fulfilled.  I'm comfortable with it, I enjoy the work with the dogs and horses, I'm getting more confident as I work with the animals, and I've mostly quit worrying about where everyone is during the day.  The dogs always seem to return home, even after a couple of hours of being afield, and so far there have always been five horses afoot in the pasture.

It's interesting to do something so completely new to me, to have completely new responsibilities, to have let go of the old responsibilities completely, and to be able to draw on a virtually blank slate, as I find my way through these days.

I'm still thinking a lot about the final move to Gearhart, trying to figure out how to get help for my nephews Justin and Scott on the actual move day; the guys from the congregation can't promise to help on that date, so I'll need to go looking elsewhere, I guess.  But it will work out.  Once that's done, my tensions will ease another degree.

One more trip to Gearhart and back before the permanent move on or about Aug. 26, right after our Meerkerk gig; I hope my sore derriere will be ready to go by then.  At least once I move, I can call a halt to long car trips!


Miss Kitty said...

Great post, Ms. K. At least you have another six weeks or so to get it all figured out. Glad to know the horses & dogs are being nice to you and not causing trouble. Sounds like you're getting in some nice, well-deserved relaxation. :-)

Lilylou said...

Thanks, Miss K. I am enjoying this life!