Monday, November 22, 2010


Western Washington rarely gets much snow, but this year we are predicted to get much more than usual, because of a strong La Nina factor in the Pacific. And all day today, this early in the year, it has snowed like a sonofagun. We have several inches piled up on the deck. My only foray out of the house has been down the driveway on foot to pick up the mail.

The girl cats are curious about the snow but not desperate to go outside. Max is a different breed of cat; he MUST be out, but then he MUST come back in because it's so cold. He has been in and out at least ten times this evening, going from one door to another to see if the weather is any better out back than out front. Every time he comes in, he's covered in snow, so I wipe him down, warm him up a bit, and then he wants out again.

I tried refusing him, but he started to beat up on Loosy, so out he went again. Finally he has given up and is snoozing on the cabinet next to the window here in the study, with one eye open to keep tabs on the weather.

It's too late to let him go back out now, as I'm off to bed soon. I hope the predicted winds don't kick up, as it would be pretty serious to lose power tonight.

I tried watching DWTS but couldn't stomach the glitz or the posturing. How do people actually dance in those outfits? I hadn't watched it before but felt like giving poor Bristol a looksee. It wasn't much fun.

Maybe I'll get inspired tomorrow and write more of a blog post. I feel like I'm not keeping up very well.

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