Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Am I ever feeling better! Yesterday I felt so dragged out by the demands of the previous week! I succumbed to the lure of a vanilla latte and a peach scone over at the Lighthouse Cafe, perked up a little bit but not much, and after lunch took a long nap before the wedding I was to perform at 5 p.m.

The wedding itself, a small party of lively folks and a couple of lovely young people already on their way to making a difference in the world with their careers and character, was delightful and having dinner with them after the wedding gave me a chance to get to know other family members better.

This young couple lives in the Tacoma Park area of D.C. and will be looking for a congregation, so I hope somebody in the DC area will let me know if there's a vibrant, not too huge congregation that I can refer them to. She's working on a PHD in Applied Mathematics at U. Maryland and he works for the State Department and they are just terrific.

Anyhow, I also had the good sense to bow out of our music session that evening, just to carve out a night at home by myself. I missed my friends but I went to bed at 9 oclock, read some more of the latest Stephanie Plum, and was out like a light at 10. It bothered me not a whit to wake up naturally at 5 a.m. Ahh, sleep and solitude, there's nothing like it.

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