Saturday, March 07, 2009

Welcome, California Girl in Massachusetts!

Please welcome my colleague and friend the Rev. Dorothy Emerson to the blogosphere. I hope you'll visit and make her welcome, read her posts and give her lots of good feedback. She's a terrific, talented, loving minister with many credits to her name in the UU realm.

She's blogging at California Girl in Massachusetts.

Check her out!


Robin Edgar said...

Wow! One of those California Girls AND An East Coast Girl aka Massachusetts Girl what more could we ask for? ;-)

Consider the above my kind of musical welcome to the U*U blogosphere. ;-)

ms. kitty said...

Thanks, Robin, I hope you'll play nice with her. She's a good person.

Robin Edgar said...

Ms. Kitty I *usually* "play nice" with people as long as they "play nice" with me and other people. You know how it works, as do other good U*U ministers who I have played "less than nice" with in the past, such as the formerly Silencing Sensei Rev. James Ishmael Ford for example, however I just explained how I "play" more fully on The *Usually* Sensitive and Sensible Sensei's 'Monkey Mind" blog, to say nothing of The Blog Which Cannot Be Named, yesterday. If California Girl In Massachusetts is a "good person", to use your overly simplistic terminology*, and plays nice with me and other people we will get along just fine. We might even have a wild and crazy time together in the U*U blogosphere aka U*Universe. Personally *I* have a soft spot for "wild and crazy" gals and guys as long as they are not "wild and crazy" in "less than nice" nasty ways like *some* "less than excellent" but none-the-less "good" U*U ministers most regrettably are on occasion. . .

Have a great weekend Ms. Kitty and say hi to Max The Magnificat for me, in fact you can stroke him and gently scratch him behind the ears for me if you want to. I am very much a cat person.

* *sometimes*, indeed perhaps a little too often. . . "good people", even "good Unitarian*Universalists aka "good U*Us", including "less than excellent" U*U ministers, do "bad things" to other "good people". Right Ms. Kitty?

ms. kitty said...

Thanks, Robin.

Robin Edgar said...

You're most welcome Ms. Kitty aka Rev. Kit Ketchum. And I sincerely thank you for posting that comment that *some* good Unitarian*Universalist ministers would suppress. AFA*I*AC in doing so you are fostering UU openness and diversity in a less than small way. Your efforts to promote Right Relations aka Right Relationships are appreciated by your's truly and no doubt by others.

Did Max get his stroke and/or ear scratching yet?

Here's a virtual hug for you in any case.

Best Regards,

Robin Edgar

ms. kitty said...

Thanks, Robin. And I'll give Max an extra hug and ear-scratch in your name.