Thursday, April 03, 2008

Cat Stuff

Time to pour out my heart about cat stuff again. This time it's Lily, who produced a puddle on the bed with a red tinge. No bladder infection but lots of crystals in her urine. She's not acting sick but she has been extra affectionate to me since I came back from the beach on Sunday. That in itself is a little odd, as she's not usually the type to jump up in my lap and cuddle. I have wondered, when she did it, if she was trying to ace out Max, who is almost always on my shoulder or chest purring madly when I'm sitting or lying down.

When the vet said I needed to change her diet to the expensive vet food, I almost cried. She wouldn't eat the canned stuff when we tried it earlier and it's three times the cost of the Friskies. But the vet said we could experiment with the kibble and try to get her to drink more water, as that's the key to the crystals most times.

In addition, the vet asked if Lily was under a lot of stress and I had to admit that Max has become not only very clingy to me but also very aggressive toward both Lily and Loosy. She suggested getting a little diffuser to put a calming pheromone into the bedroom where the puddles occur; this has the effect of providing a scent that is similar to the facial gland marking scent and seems to calm anxious cats.

So I dropped another hundred bucks for this whole episode and we still don't know if we've got it fixed. My friend Susan the cat whisperer is off-island today but I left her a message and will probably hear from her later. Maybe she can add her thoughts as well.

On the bright side, a colleague referred a couple to me for a wedding, which will fatten up my bank account this summer---hopefully I can spend it on something besides vet bills!


Ms. Theologian said...

Oh! More cat urine! My deepest sympathies. I hope you pee-free evening.

I'm wondering if it's possible to make the more expensive food, depending on what it has in it. It's a totally lame possibility from someone who knows nothing and is offering unsolicited advice. I only know sometimes it's cheaper to make good dog food than buy it, and wonder if that applies to cat food.

ms. kitty said...

That's a fruitful thought, Ms. T. Thanks for the idea. I'll check into it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ms. Kitty--sending healthy kitten vibes your way.