Monday, July 23, 2007

I can see clearly now...

I have worn glasses since I was six years old and switched to contact lenses in 1962, not long before I graduated from college. Over the 45 years I've worn contacts, I've had relatively few problems with them, other than a couple of prescription changes due to changes in my vision. I've been very happy with contacts and I know I'm lucky that way. Not everyone can wear contact lenses comfortably.

But when my vision began to change in midlife, to the point where my arms weren't long enough to get written matter out where I could see it clearly, I started to accumulate reading glasses in a variety of shapes and magnifications. I probably have twenty pairs of reading glasses located strategically around the house, in the car, at the computer, in my purse, so that I don't have to worry about losing a pair. There's always another one close at hand.

I have to shop around for sunglasses with a reading lens so that I can sit on the deck and read in the sunshine or read the dashboard info in my car. I always have several pairs of reader sunglasses on hand, because I'm careless and they scratch easily, so I go through a couple of pairs a summer.

But there have been miraculous advances in the field of optometry in recent years and I am, this minute, sitting at the computer WITHOUT READING GLASSES and seeing the screen perfectly. I am wearing bifocal contact lenses! These lenses have a tiny bifocal correction inside them! I no longer need reading glasses!

Free at last, free at last, Great Dr. Cox almighty I am free at last!


LinguistFriend said...

I gave up on contacts after being in a sandstorm in which sand particles got under the glass, scratching the surface of my eyes.
Otherwise my experience was good, although just keeping track of the contacts was an occasional problem. Good luck! Stay out of the Sahara Desert!

Joel Monka said...

I'll have to remember this- since crossing the half-century mark, I've had trouble reading some fonts and small type, especially if the lighting is less than optimal, and like you, have reading glasses in strategic places around the house. Glasses are in my future; I can see the handwriting on the wal. (I just can't read it)

This is something for bloggers to remember, as well- I find several blogs very hard to read because of the typeface (sans-serif fonts, such as Arial, are the easiest to read), or the size of the type, or if the color of the text has less contrast. Those of you with arty but illegible blogs, have pity on us!

mcewen said...

Ah! I thought you were going to say that you'd had Lasik surgery! Must go myself, as I'm so close to the screen that I'm steaming it up!