Monday, September 25, 2006

A beautiful day at Ebey's Landing

I hopped in the car and tooled over to Curves this morning for my MWF workout, found the parking lot jammed, turned around and came home thinking "how can I quit Curves and yet get enough exercise?" I don't feel guilty any more about Curves, thanks to my cathartic ranting a couple of months ago, but I am irritated by the boring routine, the vapid ladies who frequent the place, the inadequate space and the need to drive four miles to get there. When I go, I hope for a nearly-empty place, an attendant who doesn't need to talk to me, and a quick in and out. It's rarely like that and I'm about to call it quits.

But what to do to get exercise? I am going to check out the gym that's about a mile away, to see if they have any program that I can afford. But today was beautiful and I hied myself to Ebey's Landing, a National Historic Preserve north of Coupeville, to walk a two-mile stretch of beach, looking for agates, talking to other walkers, and enjoying the salty breeze which kept the temperature mild.

If I could do this every day, I'd probably get plenty of exercise, but I can't seem to make myself make the effort every day, even though it's beautiful. And it rains way too often in the winter to be practical.

But today it was just perfect. Tonight I feel relaxed and virtuous. I think I'll go have a little ice cream.

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